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ROTG Chris



Chris is the founder of Rise of the Gentleman, and author of the book "Can't Talk, I'm Dating ," a Best Selling "how-to" on understanding, meeting, and attracting women. Chris has lived all over the world from Germany, the UK, New Zealand and Asia and is self-taught and fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Originally a graduate in the I.T field, he also studied language acquisition, teaching, and was a professional dancer.

He first got involved in social dynamics in 2004, and within a year was asked to write a column on a large, multi-award winning club and party website. After College, and a short-lived, painful stint in the I.T industry, Chris continued traveling, teaching, language learning, and dancing. During this time, he also kept his continued fascination and drive for learning about human psychology, behavioral economics, and social dynamics as well as getting 1000's and 1000's of hours of his own "in-field" reference experiences. Later, after being mentored, his eyes were opened to the abundant world that we live in. He was taught how to hone in on his strengths and passions, identify his purpose, and bring value to the world while also monetizing his own life. Soon after, he founded, a place dedicated to teaching others what he has learned, and changing people from the fear-based, scarcity-based, socially conditioned underachievers, to passionate, fiery, positive, abundance-driven warriors.

Since 2004, He has worked with and helped countless men and women achieve huge success in their dating and relationships. He is currently focused on expanding the Rise of the Gentleman brand, learning, and giving to the world through c oaching and mentor programs, not only the dating sphere, but in overall health, wealth and well-being, or in short; "Redefining the Modern man, from the brain down"
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I've signed up to many an online course. Everything from entrepreneur mentor programs to e-commerce courses. Easily a few thousand dollars worth of education. After signing up to the Chosen Few I was hit with a feeling of regret since Chris basically has given me all that information I paid for for free over the last few months. It's' awesome, and actually the only Email list I'm a part of now.

Matthew. S / 31 / San Jose, CA
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Can't Talk, I'm Dating," is a LEGIT powerhouse of a dating guide. I thought it would be one of those teaser books that marketers give out and then try and upsell you after some crappy 25 page pamphlet PDF. Not this! I can tell you from experience it's worth more than some $300+ a month dating programs out there. AND it's free?! I don't understand why you don't try to make money off it, lol. Not that I'm complaining! Thanks so much, Chris. You're an awesome guy. My dating life is slowly but surely improving. I owe you one!

Jeremy. L / 24 / Madison, WI

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